Voice of the Child Reports

A Voice of the Child Report (VOC) is one way to give children a chance to be heard in family law proceedings. A VOC is a written report prepared by a qualified professional who shares the wishes and preferences of the child(ren). The hope is to decrease the emotional impact of the separation/divorce proceeding on the child(ren) and help move the process forward. The VOC process must be on the consent of all parties, including the child(ren) involved. Unlike other reports or assessments, the professional refrains from providing an opinion about the parent with which the child(ren) should reside.

The professional meets with the child(ren) independently twice (once in the care of each parent) to maintain a balanced environment to obtain the child’s views and preferences. The only information that is documented in the report is what the child has agreed to share. This is particularly the case among older children who may wish to share their views about major decisions impacting their lives. Parents are also more likely to settle their disputes if they understand how their children see their situation and understand what is important to them.

A report will be prepared and provided to the parents and their respective counsel. This report will detail the themes discussed with the child, and his or her perspectives on a range of issues identified during the meetings.


Generally, I aim to complete VOC cases within 30 days from the point of intake with the parents to the point of holding the disclosure meeting. In order to facilitate the process, parents are asked to be flexible in scheduling their interview times. During my involvement, parents are asked to inform me in advance if their child’s absence from school so that I can avoid needlessly attending the school and charging parents travel fees.


VOC reports are charged at a rate of $250 per hour (+ HST). A set travel fee is charged for interviews taking place at home or school. A parent can expect that the VOC process typically takes a minimum of 15 hours, but this is dependent on each case (e.g. the number of children in a family). If parent interviews are longer or if parents communicate often, then more time is required.

In order to commence the assessment process, a retainer of $4,000 is required. Parents usually pay through Interac e-transfer but they may also choose to pay by cheque or certified cheque.

Parents may agree to equally split the cost of the VOC or they mutually agree to share the cost in another manner (e.g., proportional to income). The percentage each parent will pay for the cost of the VOC is noted in the contract.