I work collaboratively with you by prioritizing what is important to you while empowering you with tools and resources to manage daily life, and build a plan that meets your targeted need.


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loneliness and Isolation
  • Low confidence/self-esteem
  • Life transitions
  • Navigating Canadian Systems
  • Family/Relationship Conflict Grief/Separation
  • Life Coaching
  • Life Transitions
  • School Issues
  • Coping Skills
  • Workplace Burnout
  • Stress Management
  • Family Mediation
  • Voice of the Child report

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Will psychotherapy help me?

Psychotherapy is a safe space for you to explore your emotions, as well as to gain insight.  I will provide you with support and we will discuss strategies to help you care for yourself in between sessions.

Therapy would allow you to understand yourself by uncovering triggers and ineffective patterns of beliefs, thoughts, feelings and relationship dynamics. The hope is to develop clarity, awareness and create new healthy patterns that will connect you to your true self, and feel more present and authentic with others.

Building therapeutic rapport is very important with your therapist. It could initially feel uncomfortable opening up to a total stranger but when you have a warm, genuine, non-judgemental therapist then the process is easier and there are many benefits to therapy which includes:

  • Identify and understand the source of your difficulty
  • Become aware of your strengths
  • Find your voice
  • Discover what gives you fulfillment
  • Feel grounded and present
  • Develop coping skills and effective solutions to your problem or situation
  • Make positive changes in your life